Womens christmas gifts, day at the spa

Diamonds are hardly original, and sports cars are so Y2K. You don't have to break the bank to provide your lady with the finest women's Christmas gifts.

According to Cosmo, the ultimate arbitrator of feminine chic (at least in its own mind), 2012’s hottest women’s Christmas gifts include hot sports cars, a $700 hair dryer (to make every day a good hair day) and $340,000 Précieuses Trèfle diamond/sapphire earrings. Diamonds are, after all, a girl’s best friend.

But here’s the thing: many women these days — from the traditional homemaker to the modern professional — are far too busy to use such things very often even if they have them. Who cares if you’ve got a Ferrari and a bazillion dollars worth of jewels if they’re just gathering dust?

Contrary to popular belief, she who dies with the most toys does not win, because who cares? You’re dead.


So, are you starting to get a little hint here? Yup — what a woman never has enough of is time. When you spend 16 hours a day running errands, cleaning house, working a full-time job, etc., who has time to play? Obviously, the real go-to Christmas gifts for women are those that give them a little time off.

For example: rather than leave a working mom to cook dinner or clean up after a family of slobs, said slobs can band together and do the housework themselves, so Mom can come home to a semi-clean house at least. After all, isn’t that what kids are for?

Make a Better Day

You can also do little things like giving your mom, wife, or girlfriend coupons she can redeem for days off at random, or for pampering days. Now: lest this sound like one of those “We Are the World” cheesy family things no one ever actually uses, consider this: there need not be any limits on the things you do for her.

For instance, if you’re well enough off, why not hire a maid service to keep the place clean, if only by coming in a couple of times a week? That way, your hard-working lady can come home and rest for once. Work/life balance is important. Why should she bother wearing herself out at work if she can’t enjoy life?

Other Options

If you want to go above and beyond, how about treating her to a spa day, where she can get all the mani-pedis, mud baths, massages, and makeovers that her little heart desires? Your Christmas present can make it a new tradition. Or maybe a better Christmas gift would be a shopping spree at her favorite store.

The point is, we all need a little wiggle room in our schedules so we can enjoy our lives, or what’s the point? Think about that as you consider women’s Christmas gifts this winter solstice season.