Do you love scented products, but worry about giving them for Christmas? It’s no wonder if you do: between allergies and other concerns, a lot of people have sworn off scented products altogether.

But you can actually make your very own amazing scented gifts this Christmas, and you can do it relatively inexpensively AND without worrying about making people sick — if you use pure essential oils.

What’s the Difference?

Essential oils are actually medicinal. People in many cultures around the world have used them for years to cure a wide variety of ailments, and even some of the medications you buy over the counter contain them. Essential oils go beyond aromatherapy: although the scent is pleasing and does have therapeutic benefits, the oils themselves are the real stars here.

Using Essential Oils for Christmas Gifts

You could just give people bottles of oils for Christmas, but how boring is that? Instead, think about making some fantastic scented gifts that use essential oils. Stuck on scents? Here are some of the most popular oils and what people use them for:

  • Cinnamon:
    Aside from the obvious holiday associations, cinnamon is a friendly and romantic scent, perfect for couples and newlyweds.
  • Lavender:
    Lavender is the essential oil catch all. It’s relaxing and calming, good for everything from depression to nerves to headaches to insomnia.
  • Citrus (lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange):
    Citrus scents are cheering and can help with depression and mood disorders.
  • Marjoram:
    Many people use marjoram to calm muscle pain and cure insomnia, not to mention help with snoring.
  • Tea tree:
    Tea tree oil is strongly antibacterial, making it perfect for a bath time soak during cold and flu season.

There are many other essential oils with many other properties, but these are some of the most popular. Use them in your homemade Christmas presents, and make sure you keep some back for yourself.


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