A Unique Category of Christmas Presents for Men

While the gifts you’ll give to the men in your life may vary according to their role, there are certain constants that do appeal to most American males above the age of 18 or so. Consider, for example, this rather unique gadget: the drink holster. Men love stuff like this!

See, it’s like something out of the Wild West, but it holds drinks instead of a six-shooter. What will they think of next?

Wait a minute here. A drink holster?

Yes indeed, because it solves a terribly annoying problem that most men face when they’re active but need to stay hydrated: figuring out where to put your drink so that you can make use of both hands. And then, of course, you have to figure out where you’ve put it when you’re done.

Well, the drink holster makes it easy. Just hook it up to the leg and belt, exactly like a classic pistol holster, and you’ve got a place to put your drink  while you reel in your fish or slather your brisket with barbecue sauce. Oh, and it’s a good place to keep an extra if you just want to be prepared.

An adaptable invention

I’ll make a confession here: most drink holsters are optimized for beer bottles, which might seem limiting, since alcohol isn’t one of our topics of interest around here. However, don’t let this excellent idea be tainted by association! It’s still a good way to keep a refreshing beverage handy, and it looks nifty, too.

Most drink holsters can hold slim water or soft drink bottles, not to mention  standard soft drink cans, just fine. They’re sturdy, too. They tend to be made of genuine leather, and at just $30-50, they’re a steal.


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