Okay, so you’ve decided to get some cool Christmas presents for baby despite my reasoned argument otherwise. I can respect that, which is why I’ve put together this little blog about one of the coolest lines of baby gifts I’ve ever seen. They’re fun, they’re educational, and they’re inexpensive! What’s not to love?

Drumroll, please:

Lamaze Play and Grow Toys, Ages 0-24 months

A company called Learning Curve offers a cute series of stuffed Play and Grow animal toys as part of their Lamaze Infant Development Toys line. There are 21 at last count, and they take some pretty cute forms, including Adrian the Alien, Jacque the Peacock, and Freddy the Firefly.

Let’s take Jacque as an example. Like all the Play and Grow offerings, Jacque is insanely cute and offers a variety of colors and textures to look at and feel. There’s also a mirror, and if you push a button on the right wing it squeaks! The little nippers will love playing with this one and its buddies.

All the Lamaze Play and Grow toys are visually and texturally stimulating, are easily cleaned with a damp cloth (since everything baby owns goes in his mouth), and include a clip to attach them to the stroller, car seat, or overhead mobile.

This is a great way for a kiddo to start learning about all the bazillion things available in their world. Toddlers will probably get tired of these toys, but then again they’re really not meant for anyone over two years old.

At less than $15 each, these toys are cheap. Check ’em out!


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