As if it’s not enough having to come up with the perfect Christmas gift, you have to buy it, too. And sometimes that can be a big challenge — especially if, like me, you don’t exactly live in central Manhattan with thousands of stores at your disposal.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to find great advice on coming up with those Christmas gifts ideas . Once you come up with those ideas, it’s just a quick hop to your favorite online stores… what’s that? You don’t have any? Let me help!

1. Amazon

One of the oldest and most popular stores is the best. Amazon literally carries every item imaginable, from books (as you’d imagine) to gardening implements to electronics to furniture. You can find almost any gift you can think of in their marketplace.

2. Uncommon Goods

As one of the most popular Internet stores for unique items, Uncommon Goods delivers on its promise to provide unusual, practical, and clever gifts for any occasion. There isn’t quite the selection of Amazon, but you’re sure to find some ideas to get your creativity flowing.

3. Ebay

Over the last few years, Ebay has become much more than an auction site for second-hand items. You can find both new and used merchandise both for auction and with the ever popular ‘buy it now’ option, making eBay much more like an online store than an auction site.

These three stores between them are sure to help you find the perfect Christmas gifts this holiday season.