weird christmas presents

Got an odd sense of humor? Here are some weird Christmas presents to give, some of them even useful.

When you ask people to talk about the weird Christmas presents they’ve received, their stories run the gamut from useless to misguided to actually kinda cool. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few such Christmas gifts, this time from the giving rather than the receiving perspective.

They say that it’s the thought that counts when giving a gift. What they don’t say is precisely what that thought happens to be…

Have a Cow, Man!

One source of unusual gifts is actually something superbly useful — just not for the person you give the gift to. In this case it’s a charity, which is always a nice thing to donate to in someone’s honor. If you have a buddy who enjoys philanthropy, consider

Through this site, you can contribute to the purchase of a sheep, heifer, llama, a flock of poultry, a trio of rabbits, a pig, honeybees, or even a camel for a poor person somewhere in the world, at a cost of $10-10,000. Your choice. Oh! And for the “Princess Bride” fan, don’t forget the Rodents of Unusual Size package.

Run, Forest, Run!

Know someone who prefers trees to livestock? There are all kinds of charities that will plant anything from a handful of trees to a whole forest in your giftee’s name, some starting at very low prices indeed — just $10 or so. Of course, they plant them where they want, which may be in Africa, Asia, or Israel.

If your recipient is really hot to see those particular trees, though, they can usually consult a map and go looking. Good luck: there are no plaques or anything identifying exactly whose trees are where, and they really don’t like people carving their initials into their best guesses, I can tell you!

A Bit Off the Beaten Path

If you prefer a gag gift — or a dig at someone, perhaps that Secret Santa gift recipient the company forces on you every year — then there are other charities you might consider. They don’t actually cost you anything; your “contribution” is fake. Check ’em out here at Care4Less.

My favorites are the Leprechaun Leprosy Foundation, for those li’l Irish gold-guarders whose bits are falling off, and Adopt-a-Banker, for those unfortunate financiers who can’t afford gas for their Bentleys. You might prefer one of their six other faux charities, though.

Weird Enough for Ya?

Needless to say, all these gifting sources are available for any time of the year:  birthday, anniversary, Fourth of July, Michaelmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Boss’s Day, you name it. But this being the givingest time of the year, we thought we’d suggest them as sweet but weird Christmas present options!