What do you give the teen who has everything? Well, we’ve got some intriguing ideas for you! And fear not—all of these items are applicable to both guys and dolls.


Clocky is literally a runaway alarm clock. Designed for the “morning impaired” person (and what teen isn’t?), it gives you one chance to get up like you’re supposed to, then…

Hit the snooze button. We dare you. Next time you do, Clocky will jump off your nightstand and wander around your room on two big rubber wheels, looking for a place to hide — shrieking all the while.

You can get Clocky here, or at fine emporium like Nordstrom’s, for $40-50.

Custom Nikes

So your kid wants to design their shoes? Not a problem. For $120, they can design to their heart’s content at the Nike Store. With Nike’s simple online design interface, your budding fashionista can designate color, material, and fabric style for everything from the laces to the swoosh.

Just Do It!


Here’s a great way for your teen to practice their musical stylings without that annoying lead vocalist getting in the way. All they have to do is flip a switch and the lead vocals go away, leaving the back-up vocals and all the music in play.

iKaraoke’s  easy to use, and works with just about any iPod with a 30-pin jack. At less than $40, it’s not a bad deal.

Note: iKaraoke has been discontinued by its manufacturer, but they’re all over Amazon and EBay. Get ’em while supplies last.

MP3 sunglasses

So let’s say your teen is tired of their plain MP3 player, and they want some cool-looking shades. No problem: this product includes both, for as little as $20. You can get any number of styles and brands—this is an idea that’s really taken off recently.

No one has to know they’re listening; your young rocker can slide them on, adjust the earbuds, and move coolly into the future. Here’s one place where you can get them.

Pet Cam

Ever wonder what life looks like from your pet’s perspective? Well, it’s easy to find out now. While it’s not quite Doug’s translator from the movie Up!, the Pet Cam is still way cool.

Let your kid attach this to their little buddy’s collar, and they can set it to take photos every few minutes for later review. That way, you can find out who’s really been turning over those garbage cans!

Now, you’re not going to get great pictures from what amounts to a $25 digital camera, but hey — it’s still a cool way for your teen to track what’s going in their pet’s life.