fantasy sports camp

Every American male has dreamed of sports superstardom (yes, even the Poindexters). Your guy just might love a fantasy sports camp

For the man who can handle it, a fantasy sports camp might be a Christmas dream gift come true. What red-blooded American male hasn’t wanted to hurl that game-winning Hail Mary pass, sink the decisive basket on the buzzer, or knock the bazinga out of his opponent in the ring?

Although we’re not a totally sports-mad society (after all, soccer never really caught on here), healthy boys tend to keep busy with sports in order to stay out of trouble. Many continue playing on into adulthood.

Playing professionally is another thing; most men know their limitations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend.

Dunk It!

Christmas gifts for men can be hard to pin down, and the truth is that by the time a fellow reaches a certain age, he might not be the best candidate for a sports camp. After all, they don’t call some of them “armchair quarterbacks” for nothing… the name indicates their general shape. But!

Let’s suppose you have a sport-crazed father or husband. Well, he might expect maybe a new golf club or a basketball sports tie for Christmas, but he probably won’t even suspect a sports camp, unless of course he gets a look at your (or your Mom’s) credit card statement.

Imagine his reaction when he gets to compete in a real, professionally coached tournament for a few days, especially if someone famous is involved. Michael Jordan, for example, has his own camp. That’s not saying that Air Jordan takes to the boards with the players, but you never know…

Happy Campers

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of sports camps around, most taking place in mid-year, from spring through late summer and into early fall. So it’s likely your lucky recipient — whether husband, dad, brother, or crazy uncle — will have to wait a few months to cash in his Christmas present.

Some of these camps are just a few hours long; some last three or four days. The grown-up camps can vary in price from $99 through thousands of dollars, if you really want to be generous with your Christmas gifts.

Many, however (including the three- and four-day camps) clock in at a more reasonable $149-300. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for transportation, and possibly food and lodging (depending on the camp), so the costs can add up quickly.

So. Many. Choices.

All it takes to find a nice selection of camps to choose from is to go online and Google “sports camps”. One good round-up site is You’ll find a lot of kiddie camps listed here (especially among the soccer and/or one-day camps), but there are plenty of fantasy sports camps for adults to inspire you.