I can guarantee you that just about anyone you give a present to this Yuletide would much prefer a thoughtful, creative Christmas present to another dose of the same old, same old. Aunt Edna already has plenty of perfume and decorative knickknacks, and your Dad’s probably sick of ties!

So this year, put a little thought into your gifts. And by the way, you needn’t read that as requiring you to spend a lot of cash. Sure, you can invest as much as you like; but when it comes to creativity, it really is the thought that counts.

Do Your Research

The only way you can chose a truly creative Christmas gift is to find out what your recipient is interested in; so do your due diligence. If you’re unable to glean what they want from conversations with them, don’t be afraid to ask their spouse, friends, or parents to narrow down the possibilities.

Most of us have causes or charities we prefer. One way to give someone a unique gift is to make a donation to their charity of choice in their honor. They may not be able to wear or eat it, but it’ll certainly give them (and you!) a warm feeling, and they’re sure to appreciate it.


The same old gifts can get boring...so raise some eyebrows with a creative Christmas present instead.

Or bake them a basket of their favorite treats, be they muffins or cookies or brownies, oh my! This idea combines low expense with something you know they’ll love, and hey, it’s creative because you did create it, right? If you want to get real fancy, include a voucher for more goodies at will throughout the year.

Time and Attention

If you want to be truly creative, you can give folks the gift of you: that is, of your time and attention. This can be inexpensive in terms of money, but most people realize that the time you’re spending with them is far more valuable than mere cash. Money you can make more of; time is in very limited supply.

An elderly relative or friend, for example, would surely appreciate you running errands for them. If you know someone with children, give the gift of free babysitting; they’ll love you for that.

You might also volunteer for your giftee’s favorite charity, offer to paint their house or fix their car, or just be around whenever they need you. Nursing home residents and other people who don’t get out much might also relish regular visits, especially during the holidays.

Giving Yourself

The only true limitation here is your imagination, whether you’ve got a lot of money to spend or you need to be frugal this year. So stretch those mental muscles, and start coming up with some creative Christmas present ideas!


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