Christmas presents for menChoosing good Christmas presents for men can be rather challenging. After all, most of us have so many men in our lives: boyfriends and husbands (ideally not at the same time), adult sons, brothers, fathers, friends.

Clearly, you can’t treat them all the same, which makes the topic of gifts for guys a wee bit more complex than buying something for a boy. But I think I can still help you here.

A pointer

As with any adult, your first step in finding the proper gift is to know the person. What do they like? What do they want? I’ve suggested ways of finding out in other articles in this series, including doing some detective work and simply asking. So start out there, please!


Let’s assume you’re in a romantic relationship with a guy. Unless you’re new to each other, you ought to know what your beau wants, especially if he’s slyly dropping hints, as he should be.

If it happens that he’s the man who has everything, or you somehow come up short, there’s one category that will float the boat of just about every man out there… and it isn’t beer. I don’t mean to be naughty here, but you might consider flexing those romance muscles.

In other words, do something that deepens your relationship. That may be as complex as an elaborate candlelight dinner, or as simple as going fishing with him. What do I know? He’s your man, not mine!


Again, you should know the preferences of the guys in your family, so take a close look and/or ask them what they want. Take a poll of the people around them if you must. For heaven’s sake, don’t just get Dad another tie or power tool, unless that’s what he likes.

Realize that some guys are practical and some aren’t. I know people whose men ask for clothes for Christmas (which makes we wonder if they had to turn in their Man card for some reason), while some guys want video games. What does your Dad, son, or brother want? You should know!


This might be the easiest category of gifts for men, because if someone’s your buddy, you should have a good understanding of what they want. You probably have hobbies in common, so that’s a good place to start. Or hey, maybe the pizza thing really will be enough.

Of course, some of us don’t hand out gifts outside of the family, with the exception of the occasional Secret Santa celebration. That makes it easy! You can just gift your buddy with your presence, and they can gift you with theirs. Not all Christmas presents for men require a lot of thinking!


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