christmas presents for cheapskates

Do you know someone who loves saving money more than eating candy? Well, consider these Christmas presents for the savvy saver.

Selecting the perfect Christmas presents for the people in your life requires a fine eye for detail, a keen knowledge of each recipient’s interests, and the occasional spate of research… although there are certain exceptions.

For example, there’s the eleven-year-old who gives you an annotated list of each and every thing he wants, right down to the accessories, prices, and where “Santa” can find them. No one beats a cynical tween with Internet access when it comes to developing a buy-me-that list.

The Bargain Hunter

Be that as it may, many people are relatively easy to shop for, so long as they get their 37 gifts like Dudley Dursley did on that most special of days. But what do you get the savvy consumer, the one proud to wear the label “miser,” having learned to pinch pennies so tightly that Honest Abe screams?

The easy answer is “anything.” After all, they’re the cheapskate, not you. But imagine how appropriate it would be if you could provide a gift that reflects their skinflint tendencies — something that really fits their lifestyle.

The Ultimate Triumph

We all know how hard it is to get that last smidge of toothpaste out of the tube, which is why manufacturers compensate by putting in a bit more than they advertize (bet you didn’t know that). But the true cheapskate still wants that little bit extra. Heck, so do most of us.

They make various items to accomplish this, some quite simple. But my favorite is the Metal Tube Wringer, a downright medieval-looking device sure to gladden any skinflint’s heart. For just $21.95, you can help them save an extra penny per tube!

In all fairness, this version is really for industrial use (caulk, adhesives, etc.), but it works so well for toothpaste tubes…

Other Possibilities

Christmas gifts for cheapskates are limited only by your imagination. For example, you might let someone you trust share your Amazon Prime account, so they can get all kinds of free movies and TV shows, not to mention free shipping on a bazillion items.

Christmas gift cards are always a hit, as is access to just about anything free.

Detergent for Years!

I once jokingly told a sister-in-law that if she really wanted to win my heart, she could buy me a year’s supply of dishwasher detergent. To my surprise, that’s what I got when I opened her heavy package that year. In an economy brand, of course; she was also a super-saver.

I got the same gift from her for years… so regularly I came to depend on it. And you can bet I used it, too! Some Christmas presents just beat the heck out of socks and power tools.