My most unique story about Christmas jewelry occurred a few years back, while Yours Truly was visiting the in-laws.  Unbeknownst to everyone, my father-in-law hung a delicate gold necklace for his wife from one branch of the family Christmas tree, where it lay hidden among the decorations.

Then this clumsy oaf (let’s call that person Y.T.) accidentally knocked over the entire eight-foot Douglas fir while reaching for a niece’s E-Z Bake Oven. Hey, it was a great big box, okay? And everyone thought it was funny until we had to search for an hour among broken glass ornaments and tinsel for the necklace.

Moving Right Along…

Y.T.’s little error aside, the tree trick is always a cool way to hide a sweet Christmas gift of jewelry in plain sight, as long as you don’t forget it’s there. It would be awful for Bubba the Garbage Guy to spot that delicate diamond tiara on the tree’s crown after you drag it to curbside on New Year’s Day.

After all, he might decide to wear it. The horror!

Of course, that assumes you could ever possibly be as forgetful and clumsy as our friend Y.T., which is unlikely. Anyway: if you do decide to try this gambit, limit it to small items like a necklace or tennis bracelet that won’t drag down the limb and give the game away. In other words, this won’t work for rapper-style bling.

Other Christmas Jewelry Ideas

christmas jewelry

Christmas jewelry can take many forms -- and so can its delivery.

You may have found this page while looking for information about Christmas-themed jewelry, and indeed there’s plenty available, online and off. While anything green and red can be construed as Christmassy, Yours Truly happens to be fond of Christmas tree jewelry.

Which is to say, pins, brooches, and other jewelry shaped like Christmas trees. While many are pure costume jewelry, some are crafted from precious metals and stones — silver for tinsel; emeralds and peridots for foliage; rubies, garnets, sapphires, and topaz for ornaments.

There are also exquisite jewel-crafted miniature Christmas trees literally worth a fortune, if you’d like to go that far. A quick online search will turn up some wonderful options in either direction.

One Last Thing…

You fellas with a romantic bent might consider taking the opportunity to put something very special under (or on) the tree for your Significant Other. For example, my father-in-law’s gold necklace. (For the 100th time: sorry, everyone! Jeez.)

If you really want to take a chance, and you and your S.O. aren’t hitched yet, this may be the time to get down on bended knee and pop the question when she opens that little velvet box. Now, wouldn’t that be a memorable piece of Christmas jewelry?