Cheap Christmas presents

Cheap Christmas presents aren't that hard to find.

Cheap Christmas Presents for Friends


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Truffles are easy to make but have the look of an expensive delicacy. Browse through your cookbooks or online and find quick and easy truffle recipes. Place the truffles in individual ruffled candy papers. Put them in a box and tie up with a pretty ribbon. With a little work and creativity, you can make this gift look as if it came straight from an expensive candy shop.

Cookie Mixes

This favorite is easy to make. Not only do friends like this idea but they’ll remember your thoughtfulness when they’re mixing up their batch of cookies. Put the mix in a canning jar, top it with a piece of fabric, box, and nametag. Attach a wooden spoon for mixing and you have a great gift.

Favorite Recipes

This idea takes a little more time, but for your friends, it’s worth it. Type up some of your favorite recipes and print them. If you print them out on nice paper with decorative designs in an 8×10 size, you can put them in a pretty scrapbooking or photo album.

You can also print them on 4×6 cards and put them in small 4×6 photo albums or recipe boxes. Decorate the photo albums or recipe boxes and you have a very special gift.

Gingerbread House

If you like to bake, you might want to try your hand at making Gingerbread houses. Of course, you can bake your houses from scratch, but it’s cheap, easy and quick to buy the kits from discount stores. Simply build your house and then give your edible treat for your friends to eat or as a beautiful Christmas decoration.

Bath Salts

This idea qualifies for the ‘oldie but goodie’ status. It’s an idea that’s been around for a while but one that friends can appreciate. Get recipes online for making homemade bath salts using Epsom salts, make them, and place them in pretty jars. If your budget allows, include a loofa sponge or a scented candle to complete your gift.


This is another cheap Christmas gift idea that doesn’t cost a great deal of money but does take time. Go through your pictures of you and your friend that you’ve collected over the years. Using a program that’s included with Microsoft Word or Mac, print out next year’s calendar complete with pictures of you and your friend through the years.

Spice Sampler

Do your friends like to cook? If so, choose some of your favorite recipes. Buy spices in bulk needed to cook these dishes. Divide the correct amount of spices for each recipe and package it with each recipe card. An idea for dividing the spices is to put the measured amount in tulle circles and tie with ribbon and attach the label. Put the spices and recipe cards in a small, pretty basket, top with a bow and you’re done.

Teacup Candles

This is not only an inexpensive idea, but it’s so pretty and feminine, there aren’t to many women who wouldn’t love it. First, search flea markets, antique shops, and yard sales for old teacups and saucers.

Next, buy wicks and wax with scented oil from a craft store. Put one wick in each teacup, melt and scent the wax and pour into each teacup. Put a bow and tag on the handle and your ready to go. Very pretty idea.

None of these ideas is expensive. Some take time and effort, but that’s the beauty of it. The best Christmas gifts aren’t those that cost a great deal of money, but those that come from the heart. With these gifts, you’ll be able to shower all your friends with gifts they love and they’ll never have to know that they are cheap Christmas gifts.


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